MHAT is a project of the Media Access Coalition of Central California,
a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

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January 2018
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Studio 82

Studio82 is managed by the non-profit organization Media Access Coalition of Central California.

As a way to give back to the community, and to demonstrate our paid services, we hope to offer at least one Open Studio per month for three hours. Check our Blog for updates on our next scheduled Open Studio days.

Open Studio is run completely by volunteers. Each Open Studio day is assigned a producer, and the capabilities of production largely depend on the volunteers of the day.

The intent of Open Studio is to provide a means for the community to produce short videos (for any purpose), and also to promote Studio82’s full services which include video production through one of our member Producers.

We like to ask our Open Studio participants to keep their video productions to under 5 minutes, so that we can shoot the entire scene within fifteen minutes. This allows us to rotate through any other party that arrives during Open Studio. Reservations are not accepted for Open Studio, we work with attendees on a first come first serve basis.

We defray our costs for Open Studio by working with outside sponsors. We recognize our sponsors by embedding a small logo into the bottom right corner of your video (known in TV land as a “bug”).

In some cases, the producer of the day may choose to provide teleprompter support, which will allow you to fully script out your production. Watch our Blog for information on the producer of the next Open Studio, and contact them directly with questions.

It’s highly recommended that you attend at least one Open Studio as a volunteer or a bystander, so that you can be prepared for your recording session. Videos will be provided in AVI format which can be viewed on any computer. It is the discretion of the Producer, and available time, whether any video editing will be performed. Self editing, or paid editing services, is always an option.

By the way – the crew always appreciates simple recognition for their efforts, like a plate of cookies, or soda. Have fun with your video!